49–Now 50!– Years and Counting: Anniversary Wisdom

Today my wonderful parents celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Fifty years together! Choosing your partner again, every day, choosing love through all the highs and lows life brings, requires a level of commitment, patience, and understanding that seems rare these days.

In honor of their anniversary, I’m re-posting some advice they offered on marriage this time last year, when Steve and I were getting ready to take the plunge. Enjoy, and Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Forty-Something First Time Bride

mom&dadwedding My parents on their wedding day

My parents Garry and Margaret met around 50 years ago when my dad was teaching high school in Texas and my mom was a flight attendant for Continental Airlines based in Dallas. In their early twenties when they married, they moved to Georgia within a few years so my father could teach and pursue a graduate degree. My mom worked hard at caring for my older brother and me at home and later returned to school to become a teacher herself.

Now both retired and enjoying grand-parenthood, their church, and the arts of quilting (mom) and beekeeping (dad), they just celebrated their 49th anniversary.  I asked them what their secret was to keeping it together. My dad deferred to my mom (hmm…), who, with his input, shared the following remarks and insights. -FsFTB

A few words from Margaret

Yesterday Garry and I celebrated our…

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You Know You’ve Found the Right Partner When…

…you can enjoy each others’ company even while spending hours together flattening out wad after wad (after wad…) of crumpled packing paper.

packing paper

When will it stop?

How did YOU know when you’d found the right partner? Comment below!

Dear readers, we are in the full throes of packing, unpacking, moving, and making final wedding plans. FsFTB will be on hiatus for a week excepting a brief photo update or two.

Then I’ll be back with tales of writing vows, thoughts on taking dance lessons, another update from Steve, and more. We’re sailing into the home stretch! Stay tuned!