Happy Holidaze

FsFTB has been busy getting her holiday ON!


Well, okay, not quite THAT on. The credit for this incredible light display goes to Peter Archie, whose commitment to seasonal decor awes me. It took hubby Steve and me an entire afternoon and then some to select, decorate, and hang two lighted garlands and a wreath on our front porch entry; another few weeks passed before we got to the trees. Yes, plural. Between the two of us, we’ve been amassing ornaments for 104 years.

In fact, we visited the above awe-inspiring light display a few days after the holiday, because we couldn’t cobble the time any earlier. This first-married-Christmas thing has been beautiful, surprising, and not a little intense.

Steve and I just celebrated our first Christmas and New Year’s together as a married couple. I debated that word choice for quite a while. “Celebrated” is 100% true. So is “hosted,” as the boys joined us for several days. “Negotiated” also fits–tree ornaments, traditions, time. “Enjoyed,” absolutely, emphasis on the joy. “Survived,” well, there were moments.

So many stories to tell, so little time.  According to tradition, we’ve just wrapped up the seventh day of Christmas. The swans are still a-swimming, and I’ll be sharing a few tales about my own Christmas epiphanies in the coming days.

In the new year, watch for more posts on navigating life as a 40-something first-time newlywed,  reflections on the always-intriguing world of weddings (have you heard about the wedding-fund start-up that’s betting, literally, on true love?), and a few DIY posts, along with profiles of wedding professionals and other 40-something first-time brides (and grooms). I’m tackling a book manuscript this year, too, so I’ll keep you posted on its progress!

Thank you for reading, for following, for granting me the grace of my unannounced holiday hiatus. May the new year bring you peace and love, and may kindness and reason prevail in our hearts and minds. Seek joy, dream large, know gratitude.

Happy New Year!


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