Take Positive Action: an alternative “advent” calendar

positive: constructive; helpful; being with reward

action: something done or performed; energetic activity; an exertion of power or force

advent: a start to something, an arrival, a beginning

Thursday night, I yelled at my husband. We were having a heated discussion about pretty much the only thing we ever have heated discussions about: this crazy world we live in and the utterly inadequate responses of our leaders and media outlets to that craziness.

I have never been a yeller. My parents did not yell at each other when they argued about things, and I have always prided myself on my ability to fight fairly and reasonably, without losing my cool.

I yelled because I’m angry. I yelled because I’m unspeakably horrified. Because I cannot fathom how two people would leave their six month old baby at home to go on a shooting rampage killing co-workers. Because I cannot understand how someone who claims to be “pro-life” could take aim at people in a Planned Parenthood clinic—or how other “pro-lifers” could say those people deserved to die. I yelled because I’m scared, because I’ve found myself wondering, if only for a moment, whether some wacko will decide to shoot up the next movie I decide to go see. I yelled because I’m disgusted by all the supposedly reasonable gun owners who shrug off any responsibility, saying different regulations or tighter controls on ammunition purchases won’t work, bad things will still happen, violence just is.

I yelled because I’m frustrated. Because I’m heartbroken. Because if I don’t yell I’ll just curl up into a ball and weep, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop.

I yelled at Steve because—he was there. Continue reading