A Picture is Worth…

We’re one month away from our wedding day now, which is hard to believe! Here, a re-telling of our love story in pictures, from our summer photo shoot with wedding photographer Noah Magnifico.

Once upon a time, there was a set up, followed by a brunch date…

Five reasons to marry a man who likes to dance

1) He’s far more interested in having fun with you than he is worried about maintaining a particular image. He sheds self-consciousness, takes risks, and lives in the moment.

2) He’s a doer, not a watcher, and definitely not a wisher-watcher: he doesn’t sit on the sidelines, wishing he could dance, watching others have a good time. He throws in. He’s right there beside you.

3) He can take the lead when the situation demands it. Not in an old-fashioned the-man-is-the-head-of-the-household way, but in a he’s-a-grown-up and when-it’s-his-turn-he-steps-it-up way. Because that’s what adults do, unless they’re doormats or over-sized kids. When called upon, they step up and lead.

4) He also knows how to step back and listen. Dancing together teaches you to sense and respond to changes in the music, to pacing and mood, your partner’s rhythms. A man who likes to dance knows how to tune in, pay attention, and adapt. This is the counterpoint to reason number 3, and every bit as important.

5) Dancing is fun, sexy, and publicly sanctioned foreplay. Need I say more?

Let’s dance!

Photos by Noah Magnifico, our wedding photographer.  More on Noah and his work coming soon!