FsFTB Has a New Gig!

I’m thrilled to announce Forty-Something First-Time Bride is now a Real Bride Blogger for bridebook magazine!

Bridebook is a great resource for Virginia brides, and they highlight real weddings in every issue. I’m excited to share more stories about marrying at mid-life with their readers.

I’ll be writing for bridebook once a month, in addition to my regular posts here. My first piece went up on their site yesterday–click on the title below to check it out!

It’s hard to believe that our wedding is just four months away. Read on for a tale of some serious (and not-so-serious) mother-daughter bonding.

MomandMeMothers, Daughters, and Wedding Dresses:

A Middle-Aged Bride Shops for “the One.”

 ♥ ♥ ♥

If you missed my first dress adventure, check out Funny Story About My Dress… here on Forty-Something First-time Bride. And for a bit more backstory on my mom–that lovely lady in the photo above–try A Mother’s Dream in honor of the wedding that wasn’t.

Funny Story About My Dress…

Not long after Steve and I got engaged, people started asking about my wedding dress: had I looked for a dress yet? Did I know what kind of dress I wanted? When was I going to go shopping for my dress? Those who knew me well knew, enthusiastic fashionista that I am, that finding The Dress would likely be at the top of my bridal to-do’s.

I hemmed and hawed in response to their questions. Of course, I’d thought about it. Yes, I had a pretty good idea of what I liked. Then as fast as I could, I’d change the subject.

Because the truth was that buying a dress wasn’t just at the top of the list. It was already checked off.

Temptation strikes

True confessions: I bought my dress before we got engaged. Continue reading


Crème de la Dress de la Crème

I found the most incredible wedding dress. It’s handcrafted, designed by a local artisan, and made of marshmallows.  Isn’t it awesome?


Well, not about the awesome part, or the marshmallows: this work of art, featured in the window of downtown Roanoke dress shop La De Da over the holidays, was pretty darn awesome. Created by owner Carole Hughes with the assistance of one of her employees, Robyn Gross, it made for a dramatic, even show-stopping, display.

LaDeDadress2Both beautiful and whimsical, the marshmallow gown does in many ways reflect the overall aesthetic I hope to create at our wedding. Nonetheless, I won’t be wearing this confection to walk down the aisle. (I hear there was a hot glue gun involved…ouch.)

So, what will I be wearing? Lots of folks have asked whether or not I have a dress yet. The answer is…

Stay tuned for next week’s post, to hear a funny story about my dress. 🙂