So, How’s Married Life?

First Dance

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Steve and I have now been married for 12 days, 17 hours, and I’m-not-that-obsessive-so-I-have-no-idea-how-many minutes.

In that time span, we celebrated with our friends and family, made a honeymoon trip to Asheville (where we mostly ate good food and lounged around at the spa), taught class, responded to emails, spent a weekend painting a room in our new house, paid a few bills, unpacked a couple kitchen boxes, went to the dentist, and drank a glass or two of wine on the porch.

This is not a humble-brag about how busy we are; life happens to everyone. But someone asked me yesterday, “So how’s married life? Is it everything you thought it would be? Does it feel any different?” And the answer is, it feels great, but different? No, not really. And that’s a good thing.

Life feels some different now than it did three or four months ago, of course, when Steve and I were still living in two different houses in different towns. Having now lived together in the same house since early August, we’d already come to know, pre-wedding, the gentle pleasure of a welcome home hug and a good-night kiss. And there’s definitely a sense of relief that the pressures of planning the wedding itself have ceased, though we’re still doing things like selecting photos and writing thank you’s and wrangling with our Kohl’s registry (another story for another day).

What hasn’t changed is that I know I have found my love, my friend and supporter for life. I knew that back when Steve proposed to me–that’s why I said yes! I knew it when we began planning our big day, and when we moved into our house. I knew it when we said our vows, shared our first dance, when we held hands and watched the sunset over the mountains surrounding Asheville. And I know it still, when we laugh over shared Facebook videos, tag-team cooking dinner, cuddle up with cats and dog and just hang out together.

Now that we’re married, I still love, and feel loved, every day. It may be the same-old same-old, but I hope our married life always feels just this way.

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