Via bridebook: What If It Rains?

So, it’s been pouring rain here in Southwest Virginia, going on four days now. The rivers are roiling and cresting, basements are seeping and leaking, and the sky has held the same deep grey for so many hours I can no longer tell, without a clock, whether it’s early morning, late evening, or some time in between.

It seems a good time to share a link to my most recent bridebook post, which was published the week before our wedding, a post in which I wondered, “What if it rains?” It didn’t rain on our ceremony or reception, though showers early in the day made us cross fingers and toes. But it rained all last weekend, when I’m sure many lovely couples tied the knot, and it’s sure raining now, and the rain is predicted to keep right on falling.

So this one is for all those folks whose weddings have been and will be wet. Take heart and carry a big umbrella. As my wise brother said, “The wet won’t stay. The married will.”

The skies looked ominous enough! Photo, Noah Magnifico

The skies looked ominous enough!
Photo, Noah Magnifico

FsFTB in bridebook: What If It Rains?

Dear readers, FsFTB is moving to a once-a-week posting format. New posts will now appear on Fridays. Thanks to all who’ve followed our love story this far, and all who keep on reading!

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