Friday Night Flight

beer tastingToday I was planning to publish a post about the challenge of balancing work with family and other commitments, keeping the first’s importance in perspective in relation to the rest of life’s riches.

free beerSpring semester starts on Monday, however, and I’ve been buried in reading for classes, writing syllabi, and preparing schedules, so I haven’t found (made?) time to complete my blog writing.

Ah, life’s little ironies.

In another twist, instead of slavish devotion to syllabi or essay construction, I elected to go out for a beer with a few of my co-workers and hubby Steve this evening.

I’ll make that essay happen, and I hope you’ll find it worthy. In the meantime, I hope that by putting friends and family first tonight, I’m being a good role model and practicing a little of what I’ll be preaching.


cheers for beer

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